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Lovers In The Mist

By Bud Lemire

One morning mist,
two lovers kissed,
oh what they faced,
the two embraced.
One was off to war,
not sure what it was for.
The other to be a Nurse,
which one was worse.
They said goodbye,
and then started to cry.
The tears they fell,
and then came the bell.
It was time to leave,
their time was done.
Time for him, to hold a gun.
No more thrills,
she passed out pills.

One day in the future,
five years yet to be.
The war would end,
he'd be set free.
Was it too late for his true Love, he had to know.
She wasn't to be found, where did she go?
He looked for her all over the place,
that beautiful woman with an Angel's face.
He was losing hope,
finding it hard to cope.
When all of a sudden it started to rain,
you may think this to be insane.
She walked his way, holding umbrella in hand,
and together they stood, he didn't understand.
I could sense you coming, she said,
and I know for sure you weren't dead.
I could have married, but it wasn't right.
I needed you, for you're my light.
The rain turned to mist,
and two lovers kissed.

©Dec 26, 2020 Bud Lemire

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