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After Covid Symptoms

By Bud Lemire

For the people who have had Covid, there are repercussions from having it. After effects that last long after it's gone. Since I am one who had it, I can tell you what the ones I know are. Having talked with someone who was on a ventilator, I can tell you what those are. These reactions to having Covid, weren't there before Covid hit us, but came after.

    THE MIND - Seems very hard to concentrate; Hard to remember some things. While watching TV/ reading a book, etc. You can't seem to focus on it. Many times you will have to reread something several times to get it right.

    It's a foggy mind, and thank goodness I can walk through the fog to where my knowledge is stored. But for some, it is not as good. Sometimes dementia appears. Nightmares at night. Confusion.

    PANIC ATTACKS Not everyone will admit it, but these do happen. I will be the first to admit I have them. Before I had Covid, I was nervous, but now it is out of control. People who have had Covid after it is over, will find that they don't like being in enclosed places, where there are too many people, blankets too close to their face, and some even get panicked if the mask is on for too long, and pouring water over your head to wash your hair. I know sometimes I do. Before I had Covid, not at all. It can come on for no reason at all. Normally I just walk it off. If you had a fear of something just a little before, after having Covid, it might increase.

    For the lucky ones who have fought their way back from being on the ventilator, it is much worse. For those who just had the Flu symptoms and weren't on the ventilator, they'll still have them, but not as many or as harsh.

I share this with you, to let you know if you have had Covid and are experiencing any of these symptoms after awhile after having Covid, these are normal from having Covid, and you aren't alone.

I am sure there are many more, but these are the ones I have come across up until this point in time. I think knowledge when put out there, will help many. Any questions, feel free to ask, or even message me on my Facebook page.

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