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By Mary E. Adair


Undoubtedly this is one of my favorite months since my baby girl and some of my grandchildren have their birthdays in August. However, this year, the heat seems to have sustained itself in less bearable highs, with few instances of relief through blessed temperature drops. Many days of over 100 degrees in July sped right over into the same blistering temps for August. There is to be a parade in this west Texas town in the morning, Saturday, August 4, at ten a.m. One harbors the faint hope that this year the parade WILL get rained on.

But, even rain won't dampen the west Texas soaring degrees or spirits as the area gathers to celebrate the Butterfield Stagecoach Festival. All day events will wind up to the evening's special opportunity to watch professional bull riders compete at the large local arena. Not only do these guys mean business, but the bulls are equally determined to, er, no pun intended, hold up their end of the deal. One trusts that the former know their chosen career feats well enough to escape lasting damage, because it is well known that the latter knows their business.

Knowing your business is just as important when you start writing. Knowing how and where to improve your experience in gaining the attention of readers is beneficial to all writers. Pencilstubs provides the forum for that effort by pulling together many expert authors along with those new writers possessing an ingenuousness that captures the readers' empathy. We feel we have been successful in this blend, which encourages new writers as they see their work professionally displayed, and reminds the career writers how vital freshness and enthusiasm is to stay at the top.

New authors to the ezine are Carol Stainjbrook, with "What If?" while Michael Kahn discusses "Life," and Joan DeMott shares "Growing Up," "Lonesome No More," "My Life," "My Plants," and "Nature's Call;" and Judy Leach writes of a promise in "No Goodbyes."

Returning poets include Jesse Anthony with seven poems this month: "Art of War," "Break of Day," "Danger Sense," "Forlorn," "Lapse," "Reversal," and "Ronin." June E. Miller brings us "Dusty Trail," and "Rural Scene." Bruce Clifford chimes in with "Writing The Words," and "Children at Heart." The editor's own mother, Lena Carroll offers both an article, "Women For His Work," and a cherished poem, "There's Lots Of Gold In Texas." Another article is the true circumstances surrounding Lynne Foreman who begins her tale in "About My Life." Leo C. Helmer reminds us of some major history that occurred in August - which wrapped up WWII. Don't miss his article, "Remembering Heroes - August 1945," told as witness to a few of those historic events while he served in the Merchant Marines.

Our "story-telling" Cayce B. Shelton is back with some personal history that took place a few years later when the "peace keeper" forces were in Europe. "Gift of Wine" may bring both laughter and tears when you read it.

Our columnists express their viewpoints uniquely and convincingly on topics they have chosen to entertain and/or inform you. Casandra invites us into her "Cassandra's World" of grace and beauty; LC Van Savage ("Consider This") shares what she intends to be a one and only experience; Leo C. Helmer ("Cookin' with Leo") whets our appetites and skills; Darren Bardsley ("Ever Increasing Circles") jogs our memories and perhaps our ambitions; "Taming the Beast," by our world famous Dr. Sam Vaknin, Ph.D., uses the movie "Titanic" to illustrate some psychological and life points; Gerard Meister ("Thinking Out Loud") expounds in a way to make you smile, on how grandfathers can update their understanding of the current world.

Last but not least, our webmaster Michael L. Craner, takes on a new column title ("Technically Speaking...") to better reflect his intent to give you insight into the technical side of the web and the products that make it accessible. His tips, based on research and hands on expertise, will give you a glimpse into the inner workings so necessary to both pleasurable and efficient use of the net.

All of which should enhance your life, which is what we aim for with this little Art and Literature ezine. Cheers!

See you in September.  

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