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By Bud Lemire

The Angels came to take him away
To the Spirit World, let us pray
A teacher at Soo Hill, that you might even know
A projectionist at the Delft Theatre, as we watch the show

Later, he and my sister became a Camp Host
Now my Brother-In-Law is a Heavenly Ghost
He battled Covid, and he did defeat
His heart only weakened, it ceased to beat

Maybe he thought “Time to leave this place”
“Too much for this old body to face”
I'm sure that many of us, feel exactly like that
Now it's a great place, where Harold is at

For years he helped me, in many a way
The computer, the taxes, and I've got to say
He gave me a ride to Elmer's, to get my fish
He was a great man, and here's what I wish

Remember this man, with a smile on your face
For he's spending his time, in a much better place
He'll not be forgotten, as long as I live
Because while he was here, he had so much to give

©January 31, 2021 Bud Lemire

Author Note:

And he gave a lot. He always helped me. I got to know
him really well. Although Covid kept us further apart.
He'll be remembered in my mind and in my heart. In my
memories, he'll be guiding me along. Like the Teacher
he was in life. You know, he is the one who gave me
the idea to use pictures with my poems. And I did,
and that worked out really well.
Thank you Harold! ^J^


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