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Never Assume

By Bud Lemire

When reading my poems, never assume
That it's about me, it might be about whom
I write about others, if so inclined
Some of the poems, are from my Imaginative mind

If I write about a suicide, It's something I won't do
It could be something I heard, or someone I knew
Most of the time, I write about what I know
All that I learned, about the human soul

Sometimes I teach, within each word I write
So that you'll feel, some of my light
A journey in time, to learn a lesson,
To touch the heart, is the best blessing

I'll try to be funny, with humor in each
Just to see, which audience I'll reach
To see your response, to the words I wrote
I might even write one, about your new coat

So you see, there's so much to the Universe
Mostly enlightening, because it could be worse
As I take leave, and step out of the room
Remember, with my poems, Never Assume

©Feb 4 2021 Bud Lemire

Author Note:

Just a reminder that not all my poems are about
me. I write about others, or sometimes just to get
a message across to the reader. In hopes that you
will learn from what I have written. Or at least
take away something from it. So many have seen
me and ask if I was okay. I have to explain, it
wasn't about me. I try to keep my personal stuff
about me, mostly offline. I occasionally put some
on, because I know I have so many caring friends.
It came through in the prayers you each gave.
Thank you so much for them, and for reading this.


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