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Boiled Eggs

By Bud Lemire

Everyone boils eggs in their own way
If it works for them, then it's okay
Some add a bit of salt to the pan
Others just boil them, any way they can

People will boil them for fifteen minutes, some a half hour
Some even boil them, while they take a shower
Just don't forget they're there, that's the key code
Otherwise, your eggs, will pop and explode

They'll leave a sulfuric smell
Stinking up the kitchen from their shell
It's happened to me a couple of times I know
Now I make it a habit, to keep them on low

After they are boiled, you can let them sit
It all depends on, how you really like it
I like mine in cold water, and to set awhile
That is how I do it, that is just my style

Boiled eggs are good, so much you can make
Egg salad sandwiches, to picnic at the lake
A potato salad, for when you go camping in the summer
Without boiled eggs in your life, it would be a bummer

©Feb 4 2021 Bud Lemire

Author Note:

I know I may be cracked, but the yolk is on you.
Enjoy your boiled eggs anyway you want them.


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