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I Love Packages

By Bud Lemire

I love packages, when they come in the mail every week
They bring on a smile to my face, when the days seem bleak
I can order stuff on Amazon, WalMart, or eBay
Maybe there's a package for me, in the mail today

Informed mail told me, I'd have three packages coming on Tuesday
Only two arrived, I wonder if the other one ran away
Two came the next day, I unwrapped it to see
What it was inside, that was coming to me

Books, DVDs, and all the things I enjoy
CDs or something else, I'm like a little boy
The little things in life, mean the most to me
I treasure and take pleasure, with each package I see

Four packages today, and they all seemed to fit
I carry them to my apartment, and open them as I sit
It's like a gift, that is to me from me
Being happy with them, is one of life's key

They come from everywhere, and I also must say
Packages bounce to anywhere, which causes a delay
A smile is on my face, today a package will arrive
Some come right to my door, I feel so alive

©March 9, 2021 Bud Lemire

Author Note:

I do a lot of ordering, so I can get a lot of packages.
Of course, lately the mail has been slower, but still
when they do arrive it is nice to open them.


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