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There's Always Good Things

By Bud Lemire

Even with the bad things happening today
There's always good things that come our way
If you look all around
The best in life, can be found

For me, it's nature, the birds in the tree
It does something special to me
A butterfly, so beautiful, flying by
Catches my attention, in front of my eye

A bike ride by the water, people having fun
Out on the water, fishing in the sun
On a Paddle Board, or flying a kite
To me, I'll tell you, it's quite a sight

The Song Sparrow, singing his song
A Robin on the ground, walking along
A chipmunk, running through the grass
Someone on their bicycle, just going pass

These are the things, that I like to see
When I spend a nice day, and set my soul free
Even with the bad things, happening today
There's always good things, that come our way

©April 8, 2021 Bud Lemire

Author Note:

There are always good things, among any bad things.
In fact, these days, the best things mean even more.
Because you are here now, to enjoy them. So please
take advantage of that time, and enjoy them.


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