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The Tree Of Life

By Bud Lemire

As the Tree Of Life strengthens, and grows upwards to the sky
We grow stronger internally, striving for knowledge until we die
Craving wisdom and new experiences, as we move along
As the branches sway, to a brand new song

Bringing positive energy, and good health to you
A brighter future, in all the things you do
Genealogical relationships, will grow and branch out
Life's evolution is grand, let's celebrate and shout

Be grounded, connect to your inner being
Feel nature's beauty, with everything you're seeing
Let your faith guide you, let its strength be your key
Reach higher with your branches, becoming who you'll be

Your roots go very deep, into the ground
Nourish them well, keeping them Earth bound
Let your bark be strong, let your voice be heard
Keep steady on your feet, speak careful every word

The branches will move, carried by the wind that blows
Your soul will be the captain, of everywhere it goes
Let love be the inspiration, in all that you will do
With The Tree Of Life, let all things remain true

©March 17, 2021 Bud Lemire

Author Note:

You are the tree,
and the life is yours.
Be good to yourself
and you will go far.


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