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My Childhood

By Bud Lemire

My childhood was the best, I'll have to say
We weren't rich or poor, but we got by anyway
At Christmas time, my friends got mostly clothes
My family got lots of games, which helped us through the lows

In the neighborhood, we had lots of fun
“Kick The Cans,” was a favorite with everyone
We played until it got real dark outside
Our parents called us in, and we'd always abide

With my Bicycle, I explored all sides of town
Met so many friends, and I felt like a clown
Escanaba, was a fun place to be
Growing up here, was a good time for me

Catching frogs on the island, and bringing them home
We caught so many of them, and I was never alone
Pollywogs, in the pond by the beach
Couldn't catch any, as they were out of reach

Pioneer Trail Park, smelting at Well's Bridge too
Never a dull moment, there was always something to do
Looking back on those days, they were so good
Escanaba was a great place, in My Childhood

©March 24, 2021 Bud Lemire

Author Note:

I loved growing up in Escanaba. A beautiful place
to be and to enjoy. We didn't have computers or
cell phones. We just enjoyed the great U.P. Outdoors.
I still enjoy it today.


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