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I Don't Use Make Up

By Bud Lemire

I don't use make up, I use compassion
I try to stick with, the latest fashion
I try to understand, what others are going through
I'm sure you'd want the same, if it happened to you

Understanding, is needed here
Until it is, it'll be unclear
It's like battling an invisible enemy
A force, that nobody else can see

Just because, we can not see
It is still there, causing misery
You can “suck it up,” and try to be tough
You can ignore it, but enough is enough

Acting tough, is being untrue
I know, that isn't really you
Using compassion, shows that you care
That your mind is working, and is well aware

Your friend, is going through a hard time
Being an ear of comfort, wouldn't be a crime
I don't use make up, I use compassion
I try to stick with, the latest fashion

©April 20, 2021 Bud Lemire

Author Note:

When you truly care about someone, you will
make an effort to understand what they are
going through. Try seeing it from where they
are at. You may handle things differently, but
you aren't in their shoes. You can easily say,
“If I was them I would do this, or be like this.”
But, you haven't been where they are, and you
are not them. Everyone handles things a bit
differently than the other. Some are more sensitive
than others. Use some compassion. It's the wise
thing to do.


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