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Fear Of Things To Come

By Bud Lemire

The fear has taken over me
Visions come and won't let me be
It's something I must do, I know
Yet this unleashed fear, won't let me go

The Nightmares come, so vivid and strong
Hurting my soul, like a Heavy Metal song
I know it's something, that must be done
It hurts like hell, and isn't fun

I never asked for this, and yet I must
In my Spiritual Family, and In God I trust
To help me get through all this pain
So that inside, I won't go insane

I scream in anger, and then I cry
I ask God, if there's a reason why
I know it's the only way
Time is closer to that day

If I could only disappear
Get rid of all this fear
I know it's something I can't do
I only ask for help to get me through

©April 26, 2021 Bud Lemire

Author Note:

When the fear is so bad, that you can't
sleep because of Nightmares, and in the
daytime, the flashbacks haunt you. When
you relive every terrible moment in your life.
When some procedure is so feared, that you
can't sleep at all. People, it may seem unreal,
but it's happening to many who have been
through Covid. What they need is people to
understand. To know, that they did not ask
for this, it happened, and the vice is very
tightly wound around them. They can't
break loose. They cry for help!


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