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You're A Hero

By Bud Lemire

You're a hero, every day you must fight
When darkness comes, you must reach for the light
With odds against you, you cling to your life
Even after surgeries, sliced everywhere with a knife

Always alert, not a moment of peace here
The future is unknown, and there's always the fear
It's a big pill to swallow, a small camera is there
Inside your body, snapping pictures to share

You keep on wondering, what will they find
Hopefully, nothing, is what comes to your mind
“How much more of this can I take?”
“I ask for relief, in return, I just ache”

You are a warrior, out in the field
A hero, who wonders, what will it yield
“So many passed, from what I'm going through”
“Why am I still here, fighting like I do?”

There's no easy answer, to the question you ask
It's even harder, when you must complete the task
Release the tears, because you're a hero
Giving 100%, even when you feel like a zero

©May 16, 2021 Bud Lemire

Author Note:

There are heroes out there every day, who are
fighting off life-threatening diseases. Every
day, they have to fight pain, and tests, and
the fear that they could pass at any time.
These people, who are weak from all their
tests they have to go through. Yet, still have
a smile to share with us. They still have a
laugh to laugh with us. Despite all they've
been through. These people are the true


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