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A New Hope

By Bud Lemire

Let's change the word “Cancer,” to the word “Hope”
For the people who are having, a hard time to cope
Let's give it a new meaning, let's give it a new role
That those going through it, will once again be whole

Hope that a cure, soon will be found
And labs are working on it, worldwide around
Hope that one day, that people like us
Will live with less pain, for that is a must

We all need hope, to help us through
That somehow, someway, it will come true
We can't go on living, in a world so bleak
Because there are days, when I am so weak

There are days, when it's so hard to be
The tests that they give, are so rough on me
The Doctors and Nurses here, are the best
But I'd really prefer, to skip the test

My family and friends support me, which helps in one way
Yet there are times it is so hard, to get through every day
I try my best, to get through and to cope
But instead of “Cancer,” what we need is “A New Hope”

©May 5, 2021 Bud Lemire

Author Note:

This is for all my friends and family who are dealing
with “A New Hope.” .


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