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By Mary E. Adair

September 2021

“Let’s strive to be better in September!” ― Charmaine J. Forde

September arrives this year on the heels of Hurricane Ida, a sopping wet gal who blew in on the highest winds seen in the southern USA, causing the weather forecasters to strive to keep a proper worried demeanor while their calculator minds were adding up the stats that were sure to break records, and records have been broken. One, thankfully being fewer lives lost, possibly because of those same weather forecasters diligently warning people far ahead of the actual event thus giving even the procrastinators time to make their safety arrangements.

Our authors hardly mentioned the weather, but with the inevitable Universal consciousness that always presents us with serendipitous moments, both our columnist Pauline Evanosky (Woo Woo) and poet Walt Perryman (Just Rambling Thoughts) urge everyone to watch less TV. Peace of mind and time to do other activites being the core of their advice.

Bud Lemire's poems for this issue are "Dana, My Friend," "Take Time," "Your Profile Picture, and "Be Fair Mask Up." Walt Perryman, our 'Cowboy Poet' at Luckenbach, has one poem titled for that fair community, and two more besides the one mentioned previously: "Hospice Nurses" and "No More Crying."

John I. Blair sent one poem, "Plans" which fits many of us. Bruce Clifford shares three of his titled: "Saints and Sinners," "How Long," and "Please Give Me a Moment ."

Mattie Lennon (Irish Eyes) expresses his interest in the new book from Pauline Clooney and includes some of her own life amd experiences. He adds news and some remembrances about a friend, now 91 and going strong. Marilyn Carnell (Sifoddling Along) intrigues us with the names still being used for townships in her corner of Missouri, the SW corner to be exact which is where MacDonald County is located.

Thomas O'Neill (Introspective) entertains us with a loving tale about his grandfather Red O'Neill, an Irishman who lived in Shenandoah, Pennsylvania. Rod Cohenour (Cooking with Rod) gears up with a couple of "keeper" recipes and an adaptation of a Italian dish he calls "Halos and Horns."

Judith Kroll (On Trek) who gives great advice, reminds us that we are all One. Melinda Cohenour (Armchair Genealogy) continues to help with the technical data and how to master it while chasing DNA shared matches that Ancestry collates with their vast resources. John I. Blair (View from My Back Steps) found more enticing pics of various plants one might encourage if they choose to "reWild" their garden as he is doing with his.

Mike Craner and wife Susie, dear friends, support and assist in our efforts to keep this informational and entertaining publication viable despite the many demands, business, family, and personal in their lives. I admire and bless them every day. Thanks, Mike, for keeping our pencilstubs perking along.

We will see you in October!

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