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Your Profile Picture

By Bud Lemire

Your profile picture is nice to see
A smiling face looking back at me
Whether it be your family, or a picture of you
Or something you like, or something you like to do

Maybe you picked a favorite, that you want to be on display
I enjoy looking at them, I just thought that I should say
This profile picture on display to see
Shows quite a bit of your personality

I like to see how everyone looks
It's like seeing covers of books
Sometimes I try to turn the page
Or I try to guess your age

I look into your eyes and it's beauty I see
And a good soul gazing back at me
A friend who is traveling through time
Living a life, that intersects with mine

You chose that picture to show us all
It's displayed at the very top of your wall
I must say, it's a great picture to see
All my friends, looking back at me

©April 1, 2021 Bud Lemire

Author Note:

I love seeing what pictures you chose as
your profile picture. I know it means a lot
to you to have it there. I like to see your face,
smiling, and having a good time. Or something
that you enjoy, or something you are interested
in. A family member that you cherish, in honor
of, or in memory of. A cause you believe in.
Whatever it is, it is what means the most to you.

I picked some of the people who come to my page daily.
So if you don't see your picture, please don't feel bad.
You'd be crowded like a sardine, and I know you wouldn't
like that. I chose to keep you out of the can. ;)

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