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Dana, My Friend

By Bud Lemire

Washington school was the first time we met
We got to be friends, which I shall never forget
We drifted apart and went our own way, as some friends do
Occasionally we'd meet up, talk about what we've been through

He was working on his Lancour family, in genealogy
My Lemires came from the same place, in my family tree
I gave him some guidance, and he did the rest
He had it all done perfect, he did his best

In 2010 at the park, we had a little Class Reunion at the Pavilion there
Before we went, he stopped by with some Green Beans he wanted to share
Next time I saw him, was in 2013 at a Class Reunion we had
We had a photo taken of our Washington school friends, I must add

One day he called me, said he had some books for me
So he brought them over, so that I could see
I never realized, he enjoyed the same books as I
He recommended some, that had passed me by

Then I'd see him working at Elmer's and Meijer as well
He stopped to chat briefly, with some news to tell
After that, it was Facebook, is where he would be
The next time will be Heaven, when my soul is free

©July 11, 2021 Bud Lemire

Author Note:

I remember whenever I met Dana after a long time
of not seeing him, he would come up and shake my
hand. He'd say it's good to see you Buddy(my childhood
nickname). I still have the books he gave me, and I cherish
them. Even though I read some of them, I shall think of him
when I read the others, and say a silent prayer of thanks
for his thoughtfulness for thinking of me for the books.

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