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Be Fair (Mask Up)

By Bud Lemire

When the U.P. Fair comes in 2021
It'll still be a whole lot of fun
Inside buildings, wear a mask
Play it safe, is all they ask

I'll wear mine, when I'm in a crowd
I wear it, because I'm honest and proud
If I need to breathe, a little more
I may sneak out, the back door

There's always a way, for safety to be
If you think about it, it's for you and me
A vaccine will help, but it won't do it all
We've gone back a step, be sure not to fall

I know we'll get through, if we come together
Make it safer, for those people you treasure
As I walk the midway, I'll wear a smile
Hidden under my mask, for quite a while

I'll remember this year, as the return of the U.P. State Fair
As one who wore my mask, while I was there
Be Fair, and wear your mask
Make it safe, is all we ask

©August 15, 2021 Bud Lemire

Author Note:

Whether it be The U.P. State Fair, or anywhere else.
Please use the same safety plan. I never stopped wearing
my mask whenever I am inside with people, or outside with
people. Common sense is all it is. I know it was nice to get
a break from the masks, but now that the virus has spiked
again, it's time for you to be careful. Your life depends on it.
Won't you do the right thing. You can still have fun. Just use

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