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Take Time

By Bud Lemire

In life, don't let so many things pass you by
Take time with people you love, to say more than hi
Time goes fast, and before you know
You missed your chance, it was their time to go

Take time to enjoy nature, and see what is there
Don't rush through the day, let your senses be aware
The butterflies, that are flying right by your head
Dragonflies that dance, as you dream in your bed

Look at the clouds, the shapes that you can see
The wonderful shapes, of almost every tree
Listen to music, that lifts your spirit high
Take time to dance, no need to ask why

It's okay to miss yesterday, but live for today
The future keeps coming, it's the only way
Step ahead fully aware, and look around
Up at the sky, or all over the ground

Don't let a day go by, and not do a thing
You just never know, what each day will bring
These words in this poem, are absolutely a sign
For you to think carefully, and for you to Take Time

©August 12, 2021 Bud Lemire

Author Note:

Time doesn't wait for you, so you need to Take Time.
Make every moment count. Don't live with regrets
of things you should have done, but didn't. You had
time, but didn't take it. You always said you had
something more important to do. Don't make
excuses! Take the time NOW!

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