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A Country Song

By Bud Lemire

Sing along with me to a country song
Where everything in it, goes totally wrong
I'm sitting here at a bar, drinking a beer
My baby left me, that's why I came here

My dog was shot, and now he is dead
I sprung a leak, in my water bed
Just when I thought, things couldn't get worse
I forget all the words, to the very next verse

She said I cheated on her, but that isn't true
I truly believe she went really Koo Koo
She said she saw me, making love to her best friend
I was building a scarecrow, it's an old family trend

I don't know what she saw, but I tell you true
I did nothing wrong, I just wish I knew
She said I wasn't the man, she married years ago
We never married at all! And she called me Joe!

Dang it anyway! What can I say.
She never loved me anyway!
I could shoot a hole, in my cowboy hat
Next woman I love, better have a cat

©Sept 7, 2021 Bud Lemire

Author Note:

Just a little song I put together in my mind
from all the country songs I've heard. When
things go wrong, cheating, your lover leaves you,
and your dog gets shot. And so much more. Never
tried this style, so here it is.

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