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Behind The Old Jailhouse

By Bud Lemire

Behind the old jailhouse, is a great place to be
I look out my window, to see what I can see
Friends skipping rocks, and having a good time
Precious is the moment, and that's a great sign

Cars and trucks stopping there, to pass the time away
Taking a break, from their normal humdrum day
Walking along and looking over the wall
Into the water, being careful they don't fall

Anywhere is special, so that would be this place
Meeting with others, another friendly face
A place to stop, whether on bike or in car
You can sit, and let your mind wander far

You can see the Battleships, that are in repair
The Municipal Dock isn't far from there
You can watch the sun, as it sets
Some even bring their pets

I've been there a few times too
Met some people wandering, that I knew
You make it better, by making it your own space
That's why behind the old jailhouse, is a special place

©Sept 17, 2021 Bud Lemire

Author Note:

You can make any place your own space. Just being there
in the calming of your mind, and letting the worries of your
day fade away. I find many stop by there, just for a moment,
to let their minds wander elsewhere. To get away from their
normal day.

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