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She Didn't Lose Her Fight

By Bud Lemire

They say “she lost her fight with cancer”
Did she? On the Other Side, she's now a dancer
She may have left Earth, the way that you know
In the Spirit World, she carries a bright glow

So you see, she didn't lose the fight
She is in a better place, within the light
She went through the doorway, to a much better place
Just remember this, if this should be the case

The better choices, are always the ones to take
In the places we call home, until we are Awake
Awake meaning, the soul awakening once more
As we journey, to the place we've been before

Before our life ever started, here on Earth
In the Spirit World, that happened before our birth
She didn't wear any boxing gloves, to win any fight
She left this world without pain, embraced by the light

In Heaven, there isn't any pain
You use your soul, and not your brain
She didn't lose a fight, in fact, she won
Her Spiritual Journey has only just begun

©Oct 7, 2021 Bud Lemire

Author Note:

She won the fight, and the reward is the light
of Heaven. We feel she may have lost, because
we shall miss her here on Earth. But her pain
is over, and she is free of it. We should think of
a better way of saying it. “She won her fight
with cancer, and the reward is an eternal visit
to Heaven.” Now when I say that, it doesn't mean
she can't come down to visit us in her spirit form.
They do that often, for the soul connection to us
is Forever. And Love does last forever, when it is
embedded in the soul for an everlasting time.

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