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The Homeless

By Bud Lemire

I think about the homeless, wondering how they got that way
I'm feeling lucky to have a home, and shelter and clothing each day
When I lived in Washington, I was quite aware
On the underpass, they were sleeping there

We have homeless here, and it's really sad
The churches help them out, for that I am glad
On TV, I saw them living in boxes one time
We need to help them out, cross over that line

Give a helping hand, do our best to help them out
Doing the humane thing, is what life is all about
We have people from the border, finding jobs around here
While there are more homeless, in the USA each year

They don't have a home, food, or a place to live
It's surprising they don't get help, from a living relative
One thing that I wonder is, do they even feel loved
In a world that can be unfair, they've been pushed and shoved

Is it a choice that chooses them, or is it one they make
To be out on the street struggling, for goodness sake
I thank God for low income housing, without it I would be
Out there on the street with them, wondering how to feed me

©Oct 4, 2021 Bud Lemire

Author Note:

Being homeless must be a scary thing. To have to think about
each day and wonder if there will be something to eat, a place
to stay. I am sure it is even scarier with the virus going around.
Before we even begin to help other countries, we need to help
those that are down and out right here in the good ole USA..

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