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By Mary E. Adair

I love to watch the squirrels play
They seem to keep busy both night and day

Up the trees then quickly down
Quicker than you could laugh or frown

They never seem to stop and eat
But leap and bounce across the street

They scamper across the wires above
Their bravery you just have to love

Over the rooftop and then the yard
Running for them is never hard

They dash all alone up so high
They're silhouetted against the sky

It's impossible for me to tell the boys from the girls
But they know because they keep making new squirrels

They display a lack of modesty
For them it's not a necessity

They meet up in the branches bare
As though it were a personal dare

And precarious though it may be
They copulate in the tallest of tree

So in the future near as I can see
There won't be a squirrel scarcity

©November 1, 2021 Mary E. Adair

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