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My Name Is Covid

By Bud Lemire

My name is Covid, and I'm out to get you
Many of you don't even have a clue
I've taken lives, and I'll take even more
The variant has made me, nastier than before

For the unbelievers, I'll show you how
Without a mask or vaccine, I can get you now
I'll make your life, a living hell
With a ventilator, as a friend as well

I'll make you so sick, you'll turn more than green
What I do to humans, is really obscene
I have no mind, so don't try to think
I'll make it very hard, for you to drink

Get a vaccine, and a booster too
Then maybe, I'll go easy on you
If you neglect me, like so many do
I'll make you feel, much worse than the Flu

I'm nasty, and I know how to win
I know exactly how, to make your head spin
If you're sick, I'm the one to blame
So don't think, this is some sort of game

©Aug. 24, 2021 Bud Lemire

Author Note:

It's not a game. The virus is alive and it
might even infect a family member, a close
friend, or someone you know really well. You
can be stupid, and not wear a mask or get the
vaccines. Or you can be smart and wear a mask
and get the vaccines. Your fate is in the choices
you make. Mask and vaccine is the right choice.
Do it now, before it is too late..

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