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In Her Eyes

By Bud Lemire

I saw the world in her eyes
She was a woman who was so wise
She shared her love with me
I tried to be, all I could be

She wasn't someone, that was close
I can say, she wasn't a ghost
Her spirit traveled, from a faraway place
Not worlds away, more of an inner space

Her spirit and mine, became One
We had a love, warmer than the sun
We were both alive, in our distant place
We both were members, of the human race

Our spirits came together, in a loving embrace
We knew it happened, and it left no trace
It changed us forever, for we were One
We knew our love for each other, would never be done

With just one thought, we can be together
In a moment lost, in endless pleasure
Even when I sleep alone, she is by my side
And I know with her, I shall always abide
A hole in the stream of time
I am hers and she is mine

©Nov 13, 2021 Bud Lemire

Author Note:

This poem is dedicated to my Twin Flame, the love
of my life. She has given me so much love over the
years. I love her completely! This is the kind of love
that can't be described in the physical form, but it's so
deep and strong, and holds true forever.

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