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Too Hard To Ignore

By Bud Lemire

You know the world's at war
It's too hard to ignore
Some think it's a bluff
It's all this mutated Covid stuff

The Variants are going everywhere
The Unvaccinated, are willing to share
They turned this into a war, one we can't win
Might as well be a grenade, just pull the pin

Because of those, who were afraid of the vaccine
These Covid Variants are loose, and mutated beyond obscene
It's a war, on who will survive
We'll be lucky in ten years, if we're still alive

As the people resist, and they fight
More of our loved ones, will get it in the night
On the Ventilator, is no way to live
Get the vaccines, a few moments you can give

What's in the Covid Variants, is much worse than the vaccine
I made the better choice, there is no in between
If you have any brains at all, and value your life to this day
Then get the vaccines, or more people will be taken away

Don't let rumors, fester up inside your head
If you do, you'll be the one who's dead
Take action, get the vaccines before it's too late
The world that you love is dying, this choice can not wait

©Nov 23, 2021 Bud Lemire

Author Note:

The world that you love is dying because you refuse to get
the vaccine. The Variants of Covid hit without any feelings.
They take all the people you love. Many don't survive. And
those that do, will never be the same. You refuse the vaccines,
due to fear, your rights, or you don't believe in them. Ignorance!
Foolish! It's plain stupidity! When any Alien force takes over the
world you love and the people you love. You fight with the heroes
(the CDC, Medical team, and those who have your welfare and best
interest in mind.....your life)

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