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There's Still Hope

By Bud Lemire

What is that swirling around me
It's something that I can not see
Oh tell me what can it be
Another virus to cause misery

It's out there, the Omicron and Delta are on the loose
Please be careful, or you'll be an unlucky goose
I wear a mask, wash my hands, and try my best
If I'm not feeling quite right, I go in for a test

Be careful, and I wish you well
A Variant can put you through hell
The worst pain ever, and you could die
So wear the mask, vaccinate, don't make me cry

Who's the fool, you're not afraid?
You get this, and you will fade!
Sure, you think it's a rumor, now that's not smart
If you were much wiser, you'd do your part

The CDC and Doctors, could tell you true
Still, I wonder, what would you do
There's still hope, get the vaccine
Don't be a black thumb, be the green

©Dec 22, 2021 Bud Lemire

Author Note:

As you know, a black thumb kills things,
whereas a green thumb makes things grow.
You can keep on being the fool, or you can
get the vaccine and help save lives. Would
the CDC or Doctors lead you astray? I
know they have always been after the health
and safety of you! I know they have for me.
I trust in them. When you trust the right people,
you are being wise. There is still hope. Make
the right choice and get the vaccines. Now!
Before someone you love passes.

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