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A Happy New Year

By Bud Lemire

She stood there wondering, at the end of the year
Thinking about the next one, and what she'd have to fear
So much is happening, in the world lately
She wondered when she would be free

She wasn't alone, in more ways than one
Others were suffering, and it wasn't any fun
Her Spirit Guide, heard her every thought and knew
It wouldn't be easy, but she'd make it through

The virus spread everywhere, and stupidity too
She wondered what, everyone was going to do
The world's problems wasn't hers to bear
She tried her best to relax, in her recliner chair

Visions and voices, came into her head
She didn't even need, to leave her bed
“You will be fine, if you follow your heart”
“For you have yet, a very important part”

She saw herself happy, and a bit older in time
She knew to give up now, would be such a crime
She knew now, she would overcome any fear
In her heart and mind, it would be A Happy New Year

©Dec 26, 2021 Bud Lemire

Author Note:

In this world today, it has become harder. We aren't
only struggling to stay alive, but are fighting each
other for what we feel is right. It has become a
madhouse out there in the world. Yet, somehow,
some way, we will find a way to survive this evil
virus that has taken control of our beautiful world.
Together, not apart, we can win over it. If we can
do that, that it will be A Happy New Year.

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