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By Mary E. Adair

September Again!

The month that many favorite songs commemorate. The month that cooler winds begin to sweep leaves from the boughs, and cobwebs from our typewriter keys. The month that cools our brow, and chills our bones, as the brisker breezes play across the patio. The month that authors are busy sending their little ones off to a new season for schooling, or heading to campus themselves. Some are doing Fall vacations now that the weather is mild; some are gathering the strength and funds to meet the Winter season face to face. But few are sending their material in for publishing.

None-the-less, this issue has some interesting poetry, some thought provoking articles, and some hair-raising stories. The author Lynne Foreman (About My Life - More) continues her tale of her birth disability and how she has overcome the restraints many thought it would put upon her lifestyle. Cayce B. Shelton regales us with two tales, very different in nature, both very entertaining. The story about "Shared Feelings" is by an author new to our pages, Jodi Levanger, who tells about her daughter's ability to "communicate" with her animals. This is a heart warming tale and not to be missed. Dr. Sam Vaknin has an article that should intrigue all our writers who wish to be published, "Amazonian Invasion." Some worrisome news in this article.

The columnists have brought us treats with their individual touches again this month: Dr. Sam Vaknin, PhD, gives us the second in his triad of psychology as compared to artists (Taming The Beast); Leo C. Helmer with his cooking hints and recipes (Cookin' With Leo); LC Van Savage with her glimpses into famous people's lives (Consider This); Michael L. Craner offers hints to tune up our most-likely-to-be favorite machine (Technically Speaking...). Darren Bardsley admonishes us in a loving, caring manner (Ever Widening Circles); Cassandra invites us to share her insights (Cassandra's World); and Gerard Meister brings us another humorous piece to remember (Thinking Out Loud).

Poets M. Jay Mansfield, Joan DeMott, June E. Miller, Thur, and LSeeker have an assortment of material for this issue. Even your editor, as Marbety joins in with LSeeker in one of the verses. We had intended to reprint some of the cowboy poetry that appeared in the "lost 1999 issues" but time ran out on us as we had a deadline of a more personal nature: helping a sister celebrate her natal anniversary which involves travelling.... now.

We know there is a lot of reading enjoyment in this month's ezine, so we will let you get started on it.

PS.... send in your ghost stories before the 20th of September for the October issue. For inspiration, read Cayce B. Shelton's story, "Sister."  

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