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Never The Same

By Bud Lemire

After having Covid, many are never the same
It's from having the virus, it is to blame
Anxiety is one symptom, that stays with you
It's something that, you'll have to get through

Everyday life changes, and you'll have to try
A new way of doing things, to try to get by
You might even have, an overwhelming fear
It'll be hard to focus, nothing will be clear

The symptoms may vary, with everyone you know
You carry them with you, wherever you go
You'll need to find a new way, to stay calm and tranquil
You have the power, and you have the will

Take it step by step, don't push too hard
Slow and easy, you've just been scarred
You're doing your best, to remain sane
Covid hit hard, and it's affected your brain

Sometimes you'll find it, hard to think
You'll find you're off balance, and out of sync
Others don't understand, what you're going through
Unless they had it, they don't have a clue

©Jan 22, 2022 Bud Lemire

Author Note:

I'm a Covid survivor of the first wave of it. I'm
still feeling after-effects of having it. They seem
to come and go, so I take it slow. If you saw me,
you might not notice I had anything wrong with me.
I deal with it every day. I keep getting out, with a
mask on, because only by continuing doing what
I've always done, can I continue to be who I've
always been. I take each day slower, I take it step
by step. I don't want your pity. I just wanted you
to know what people are going through. With
Omicron, there are even more symptoms.

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