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I Have Sinned, and I Loved It!

By Bud Lemire

To all people, I just wanted to say
When you sin, some sins are okay
I'm not exactly sure who decides, what is a sin
They need to update their rule book, I say with a grin

I hear religious people say, they can't do it because it's a sin
If I couldn't do it, I would surely jump out of my skin
I recall one lady saying, if you watch Star Trek it's a sin
Who makes up these rules in the sin book, I just can't win
When she said Spock is the devil, I just had to laugh
She looked at me, as if she thought I was a giraffe

You can't listen to rock music, it's not good for the soul
A sin? Not sure about you, but it makes me feel more whole
Sure glad Mama gave us the choice, on what to believe
Because that sin book they wrote, sure taught to deceive

I never had need for a sin book, not at all
I have no limitations, I never built a wall
There are sins, people say, but I call them crimes
Sins were from long ago, move ahead with the times

I know I'll offend many, but my voice must be heard
The list of sins from the sin book, is really absurd
What feels okay, isn't a sin, but is really alright
Some say I sinned, but I really took flight
You know right from wrong, if you use your heart and mind
And you can move through this world, leaving the sins behind

© Feb 13, 2022 Bud Lemire

Author Note:

I never cared for the word sin. And the preacher up front
talking about sins and how wrong they are. As he raises
his voice and points out at the people sitting down. I return
home and start to cry (I was a kid). I have not sinned!
We've come a long way since those days. To me, when you
have a good head that reasons and thinks and follows the
law of the heart and mind, you know right from wrong.
No need to“sin,” so no need to do anything wrong. As
humans, we will always make some mistakes. But we
learn from them. We grow from them.
We become better as humans.

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