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The Mountain

By Bud Lemire

What was once, a walk down the street
Is now a mountain, I must climb and defeat
Try my best, to reach the top
Even if it means, I might drop

I'll get up again, and keep on trying
I won't give up, until the day I'm dying
I'll not let that mountain, keep me down
As long as I live, I'll be the clown

The mountain, sure looks pretty high
Maybe I'll imagine, that I can fly
It'll help for a moment, but that is all
That mountain, sure makes me feel small

One step at a time, gradually I'll go
Doesn't matter, how fast or how slow
As long as I get to the top, then there I'll be
Another mountain in the distance, is waiting for me

Whatever happened, to the rocks on the road
They turned into mountains, heavier is my load
I will climb the mountain, I will not fail
I'll make it to the top, yes, I will prevail

©Feb 6, 2022 Bud Lemire

Author Note:

In life, especially in these trying times. The rocks on
the road have become mountains. They aren't easy.
Yet, with endurance and faith, we can get over them.
We can do it, because we have the willpower and the
strength within. Even when we think it is too much to
handle, we can do it. One step at a time. Take it
apart, and do a little at a time. And soon what you
thought was too much, has been accomplished. Have
faith in you, and know you can do it

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