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Wasted Moments

By Bud Lemire

Looking back on your life, we've all wasted time
Did things unimportant, which crossed our mind
In those wasted moments, if we could go back and change
Would you do it, even though it sounds strange

In our lifetime, time passes so very fast
The moments we have, never seem to last
If we could change, those wasted moments we had
Give them more meaning, so it wouldn't be so bad

I'm talking about the time, you sat on a porch drinking beer
While your Mom sat alone, ready to leave her life here
We have all been guilty of doing this
Then we curse, because it's them that we miss

Wasted moments, they come to us each
We've all had them, what is it they teach
Should have done this, but you didn't do
Too busy with something, and it passed through

Wasted moments, are not to be confused with “Time For You”
We all need time for ourselves, to do what we do
Wasted time is doing something, when other things are a priority
When the chance is missed, and will never again be

©Mar 6, 2022 Bud Lemire

Author Note:

I am not talking about the moments you take to have fun,
like watch TV, play games, enjoy nature, etc. I am
talking about the time when you should be doing
something that may never come again. If you
don't visit Mom, she will pass, and you will feel
guilty about not going to see her. Think about
the things going on in your life, and do the
things that won't make you regret not
doing them.

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