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Journey Of A Lifetime

By Bud Lemire

The journey of a lifetime, is to experience who you'll be
All the things you go through, all the things you'll see
Everyone will experience life, in a different way
We'll see things differently, but that will be okay

For some of us, the challenges will make us fall
Others will find no problem, climbing a wall
Still, no matter what they are, we shall survive
This is a part of life, we call it staying alive

We'll have many people, pass through our lives each day
They will come and go, and touch us in a special way
We'll learn so much from each
It'll help our lives to reach

Some will realize, our bodies make us whole
Others will know, it's nothing without the soul
Some will claim the physical, only what they can see
Others will venture beyond, where spirits tend to be

Turn the music louder, dance a little bit
Work a crossword puzzle, challenge your wit
What you experience, all you do and see
Is a journey of a lifetime, it's what holds the key

©Mar 1, 2022 Bud Lemire

Author Note:

The journey of a lifetime holds so much to experience.
Everyone will experience it differently. Because we all
see things from our own viewpoints. From who we are,
we shall pick up and do things better than others. Yet,
they will do and know things more than we do. That is
their journey in their lifetime. Yes, so many people will
pass through our lives and touch us in a special way
. We can look back and smile at the memories, as we
travel down life's highway.

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