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Live Your Life

By Bud Lemire

Don't get old and die before you live
Get out there with all you got and give
Enjoy every moment, live every day
Don't let the rocks on the road, get in your way

Keep reaching for the stars, as far away as it may seem
Don't give up in life, keep following your dream
Breathe in the air, smell the scent everywhere
There are many places to be, let it take you there

Take time for the little things, for that is where you'll find
Memories you'll think back on, wandering through your mind
Appreciate everyone who passes by you, and those who stop and talk
You'll meet many on your journey, as you walk the walk

Life will speed up, and you will slow down
You can make it better, smile and let go of the frown
Get out there, and give it all you got
The ball is in your hands, give it your best shot

Experience it all, see all you want to see
It's everyone's future, be all that you can be
Live your life, with every passion and pleasure
All things you'll know, are the things you'll treasure

©April 17, 2022 Bud Lemire

Author Note:

Life is to experience all that you can, in the time you
live. Not everyone is going to have the same journey
in life, and we will each experience life differently.
For who we are, we must enjoy each moment, and
treasure it, because it will slip through our fingers
. Before you know it, we'll be looking back and we will
wonder whatever happened to the days we knew then.
Make sure you do everything while you can, so there
won't have to be any “I should haves” in
your life.

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