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Offense Is Over The Fence

By Bud Lemire

I see, I saw, and then I heard
People being offended by a word
Oh no, please not Dr. Suess
Someone has a cooked goose

People are too picky, with the names
I think too much, is mind games
Not Pepe Le Pew, it's just for fun
I'm disappointed, and it's no pun

Too much has been taken away
Too many people have gone astray
Enough already, don't ban no more
There'll be nothing left to explore

Once they start, they will not quit
I think their brains are where they sit
Once an Eskymo, I'll always be
I take no offense, with what I see

A cockamanie business, this offensive crap
To take these characters off the map
My name is Bud, and don't you say
That I am Rose or Pot, and I'll be okay

©March 9, 2021 Bud Lemire

Author Note:

If you started changing things because it
offends someone, I take offense. What was
should still be. Do you have nothing better
to do than to find offensive things and take
them away. I find the people who are doing
this, very offensive to me. They are taking
away everything we loved when we were kids.
I could go through and find many shows on TV
offensive to someone, but why should I, when I
enjoy them. I accept them for what they are.
This offense has gone over the Fence. .

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