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By Mary E. Adair

July 2022

“Do not let what you cannot do interfere with what you can do.”
– John Wooden

Starting the second half of the year this month. July seems to have a way of slipping up on you, surprising you that !Here it is, already! This year though it couldn't arrive rapidly enough. Smack in the middle of the year, and the bonus is nearly everyone is on vacation, planning a vacation, just got back and are showing pics and mementos of their vacation. Then there are those of us who just want to rest at home, not be on anyone's schedule except one's own. Even for we who work year round, July seems to bring with it a certain respite, a take a deep breath and relax time.

Of course there are days to celebrate: graduations, anniversaries, new family members to meet (some may have been June brides), perhaps new born family members. A time for Joy. A time to count your blessings. So, do.

One such celebration here in America, is the Fourth of July. A couple of poems to remind us are Bud Lemire's "The 4th Up North" and "July 2000 Picnic" an encore presentation by yours truly. It was set later in the month so all could have their family celebrations on the Fourth, trips, etc., and was hosted by Unions in Saint Louis for members and their families. The late Leo C. Helmer, who was an executive in three of the Unions was there to help with the barbeque and other food. He thrived in such gatherings.

Bruce Clifford adds "The Girl in the Park" and "Unspeakable Goodbye." Bud Lemire has three more poems, titled "Reminisce," "Pulling Out Each Weed," and "Door Decoration." Judith Kroll shares "Does Love Whisper?" Walt Perryman's three poems are "Rambling about God and A Tree," "Cancer Survivors," and "A Thought about Ducks." Your editor responded in rhyme to a comment with "Still Going Strong."

"A Mother's Lessons" by Danielle Cote Serar displays how she showed her daughter about Patriotism. Since May, June, and July all recognize or celebrate patriotic observances, it fits in nicely. "On Trek" by Judith Kroll addresses our perceptions of the Afterlife and what may or may not occur. "Reflections of the Day" by Dayvid Bruce Clarkson, is about family love and one way to show it. The column includes one of his delightful Haiku posters as well. Thomas O'Neill uses his column "Introspective" to examine various concecpts of humoor.

"Sifoddling Along," by Marilyn Carnell welcomes her summertime in Minnesota "Woo Woo," by Pauline Evanosky, confides why the grass on the other side has an appeal for her, despite drawbacks.

"Cooking with Rod”features "Rodrigo's Easy Southwest Chicken Enchiladas." Mattie Lennon, author of "Irish Eyes," tells how successful the Listowel was, a pleasant and productive experience this year. The "Armchair Genealogy" column, by Melinda Cohenour, has her searching for tools in DNA matches to solve her "Brick Walls."

Bud Lemire's continued tale '2061' presents Part 5 for our readers. We will continue with future installments monthly. Enjoy!

We continue to thank our co-founder and webmaster, Mike Craner, whose knowlege and expertise keeps Pencil Stubs Online actually online. He does it well as we are now in our 25th year. Thanks, Mike, for everything!

Look for us in August.

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