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Door Decoration

By Bud Lemire

People put plaques on their door, or a door decoration
To celebrate a holiday, or some other occasion
Here at Harbor Tower, it's great to have one on your door
Sometimes we get off the elevator, and we're not on the right floor

I have a heart on my door, it was for Valentine's Day
I kept it there, because it had something to say
“Home is where your heart is,” was hitting me true
It's been my home since 2004, and it's helped me through

The heart is a symbol of love, and I'd like to think
I shared much of my love, I say with a wink
Some have a 4th Of July plaque, or a Summer décor
Or something else they love, that means so much more

The beat of the heart, the décor on my door
When I'm deep in thought, I know it's my floor
If my apartment door, doesn't show a heart
My key won't open it, and I must depart

Most times, I'm alert and aware
Other times, I could be anywhere
Sometimes we get off the elevator, and realize it's not our floor
Here at Harbor Tower, it's great to have a decoration on your door

©Jun 4, 2022 Bud Lemire

Author Note:

I think it's a great idea and it actually stands out for you. When you
come home and see your door that has the decoration you put there
But there are those times your mind does wander in thoughts and you
follow someone off on their floor, and you notice something else on
the door. The thought hits you, this isn't my floor. So you get back on
the elevator and take it to your floor. In my case, home is where the
heart is.

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