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Pulling Out Each Weed

By Bud Lemire

Learning to let go
Comes in many ways I know
Items that you kept, that you no longer need
Takes up space in life's garden, pull it like a weed

Time to get rid of things, that have been put away
Never to be used again, it doesn't need to stay
It's not easy, to say goodbye to something in your home
I valued it more than I should have, I know I'm not alone

As the years go by, each item that is here
I look over carefully, some need to disappear
Hold it up, and bring it close to your heart
If it doesn't call out to it, then it must depart

Little by little, I rid myself of things
Each day I wake up, a little less it clings
Maybe someone else will value it, my time is done
So I'll pass it on, so they can have some of that fun

I'll keep what means the most, to my very heart
I know for me, that this is just a start
Every week, that I get rid of stuff that I don't need
Will be like life's garden, pulling out each weed

©June 16, 2022 Bud Lemire

Author Note:

Letting go of things you no longer need is like pulling
out weeds. It leaves the flowers alone, and they can
shine so much brighter. There are other things that
mean so much more. These weeds can be let go. Let
someone else cherish the weed as a flower. It became
a weed in your life. It's served its purpose, and now
must carry on in a new home. I shall continue to pull
out weeds, for the rest of my life. But what the heck,
it'll give me something to do during the winter and
rainy days.

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