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The 4th Up North

By Bud Lemire

We're celebrating the 4th
Way up here in the Yooper North
Fireworks will be flying, and all colors will be seen
Blue, red, yellow, and let's not forget the green

People will be scattered, throughout Ludington Park
On the night we celebrate, it shall be quite dark
The Escanaba City Band, will put on quite a show
At the bandshell, is one place you can go

Many people will be there, some who have been away
Returning for the festivities, throughout the night and day
Sparklers will be seen, as the kids run around
Remember not to litter, it looks nasty on the ground

Some will have, their own private Fireworks show
The sky above Escanaba, will be aglow
Firecrackers will be noisy, at this time of year
Ear Plugs come in handy, for a good night here

On this Independence Day, let us celebrate
Becoming the nation we are today, that made us great
As you're celebrating, going back and forth
Remember, we're celebrating the 4th Up North

©June 30, 2022 Bud Lemire

Author Note:

It's always fun to celebrate the 4th in Escanaba, no
matter which day we celebrate. Ludington Park is
a great place to be. Just a reminder, although we
have some really dedicated people here, who pick
up litter after the festivities, let's try to remember
to pick up after ourselves and not be slobs. We are
better than that. Enjoy the 4th wherever you are and
whatever day you celebrate it on.
Happy 4th from Up North!

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