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2061 (The Final Part)

By Bud Lemire

Cassie and I met today downtown, and we searched through the buildings to see if anyone was around. We still had that hope of finding someone who had survived the virus. But when we were done, we didn't find anyone. We knew it was a possibility, and yet we wished that we would find someone. When I was growing up, the downtown area was well populated. In later years, it had died down quite a bit. Now it was downright dead. All because of the virus. I didn't like seeing Escanaba like this. I love Escanaba! People made it a great place to be. Cassie must have noticed the look on my face because she grabbed my hand and held it in hers. I smiled at her and thanked her. I told her I was thinking of how Escanaba used to be. I'm just happy that the virus didn't kill the beauty. It will make the rest of our life much better by enjoying what we've always enjoyed here.

I kept thinking of all the people fighting among themselves over the right thing to do. If they had been vaccinated, wore their masks, and kept up with the protocol, they would have had a fighting chance of still being alive today.

I remember before I was frozen several family members and friends thought I was doing a stupid thing by being frozen in time. It was most likely the most daring thing, even crazier than when I went to Washington state. I wonder what they would say if they knew I survived Ice-Elation for forty years. What good was being right, when they were all gone? At least in Heaven, they were free from any virus. Without people here populating and spreading it, Cassie and I were free from it too. I gladly would have worn any mask or gown or shield, just to have all my family and friends back. But we can't go back in time, except in memory.

I felt a squeeze on my hand and became aware we were arriving at the Municipal Dock. It still looked as beautiful as ever. Cassie thought this would be the best medicine right now. She was right, and it was. We wouldn't see any boats out on the water, But we did see some butterflies that were flying around. One landed on Cassie's arm and stayed there for the longest time. That has never happened to me. She says it happens to her often and sometimes even dragonflies land. I was amazed. We sat down on a bench and realized all the things that wouldn't be happening. We didn't have the 4th of July Fireworks, and no U.P. State Fair. I would always take pictures at both events. It was fun! People made everything happen. The good and the bad. I just wished the good would have prevailed.

As we sat gazing, I noticed Cassie looking at me. It was a look I have seen before, but it had been so very long. Her face came closer and her lips touched mine in a gentle kiss. As her face moved back, I saw a smile on her face. “You may be much older than I, but I love your company,” she said as I looked into her eyes and saw a glow that I had never seen there before. “Thank you for being here for me Bud,” she said and then I saw her get this far away look in her eyes. Kind of like she was seeing something I didn't see. “They've come for me,” she said softly. Did I hear right? She said, “you won't have long to wait.”

Wait for what? Who's come for her? As I watched her, a bright light was in place as her body began to fade. And then she was no more.

What just happened? I know she was here, I saw her. I talked to her. She kissed me. Where did she go? Heaven?

I am alone now. Now I must face my worst nightmare. Being alone. But she said, “I won't have long to wait.” What did she mean by that?

I went on several days pondering that same question, how long is not long? I found out one day out at the end of Aronson Island. I was sitting watching some Cedar Waxwings in a tree, when all of a sudden, I saw people surrounding me. Not just any people, everyone I had ever known. And then I spotted her. No, not Cassie, the one I had been missing for over 40 years. My Twin Flame, the soul that made my soul whole. The girl I spent every night with for many years. I read books to her, and she made me smile and the happiest anyone could be. She came up to me and smiled. “I've been waiting for you.” I could see many familiar faces behind her, but she got to be first. I saw Cassie and she looked that way too. “I sent her to you, so you wouldn't be lonely. Now you are mine, all mine.”

I was in Heaven. And I had a chance to catch up with everyone, many I hadn't seen in many years. It was so great to be home and with the ones I love. Although I do wonder, what will become of Earth now that there are no people there. I guess it doesn't matter. I'm right where I belong.

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