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By Bud Lemire

You came from Australia, and gave so much to us
A beautiful voice and smile, which was a big plus
You starred with John in the movie “Grease”
You sang about Love, you sang about peace

You had a “Magic” touch, when you sang in “Xanadu”
You let the animal out, when you got “Physical” too
A higher voice had called the tune, with a “Twist Of Fate”
I guess what happened was, Heaven couldn't wait

“I'll Bet You A Kangaroo” that you are dancing to a didgeridoo
In the Spirit World where you are, and singing a song too
You've always been an angel, “No Matter What You Do”
All your fans will be, sending their love to you

“Please Mr. Please” don't play B17 any more
Olivia is now singing on a distant shore
“Sam” I know who I am
Watching a Heavenly program

Olivia gave us memories, with each song
To cherish forever, and to keep us strong
Another Angel was born, when she passed away
Leaving behind a discography, of the best songs to play
Special in their own way, each so very dear

©August 8, 2022 Bud Lemire

Author Note:

From the very beginning, Olivia gave us her very best.
Her music was a pleasure to listen to. I listened to her
so often, and her songs are always on my playlist. She
gave so much to us throughout her lifetime.
Thank you Olivia!

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