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Life Comes First

By Bud Lemire

Life comes first, and then the enjoyment of all things in life
You can't enjoy the special moments, battling all the strife
When things get in the way, like rocks on the road
Think about the good times, when everything flowed

When your health is deteriorating, and your only friend is fear
Enjoy every moment, of the precious time that you have here
Don't take things for granted, there's a reason for each
Before the end comes, hold out your hands and reach

Reach for the music, that you love to hear
Let it be the joy, that tantalizes your ear
Reach for the book or DVD, that takes you away
To a faraway land, where you can spend every day

Visit a place, beautiful with nature's gift there
You can find it, if you look, almost anywhere
Visit with close friends, the company is great
It can put your mind, into a wondrous state

Don't let your life, slip through each finger
Moments don't last, nor does it linger
Even when you think life is at its worst
Enjoy all the things around you, because Life Comes First

©Sept. 14, 2022 Bud Lemire

Author Note:

Before you do anything, think about it. Choose your time
wisely. Life goes by in a blink of an eye. Be with the one
you love. Be with the one you enjoy. Enjoy nature, a place
that brings you peace and joy. Find yourself, and know
yourself. Surround yourself with close friends. True friends.
Do the things that make you the happiest. Don't worry about
the little things. Life is the big things. Don't forget to keep in
touch with family. Because that is a big part of life itself. Be
worthy of all you have become. Be proud, be true to yourself.
In time as it passes, Life Comes First. Choose life.

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