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Feeling The Silence

By Bud Lemire

In a world we're raised, to listen to everything we hear
Comes a silence that is felt, when nothing comes to our ear
Can you imagine a world, without any kind of sound
You try your best to listen, yet it doesn't come around

Suddenly! Your hearing has disappeared
A Nightmare! Everything that you feared
Where is the music, that always made me smile
Or the birds in the trees, that use to sing awhile

My TV is on loud, but I can't hear a thing
If someone is calling, I can't hear the ring
Don't knock on my door, I don't know you're there
My hearing is gone, I hear nothing everywhere

It's a scary feeling, I feel incomplete
I'm afraid to go outside, or to cross the street
My alarm won't wake me, if I fell asleep
I'm alone in the silence, with the company I keep

I fear every moment, in this silence I am living in
So much I am going through, I don't know where to begin
I was happy with my hearing, when it was around
Now I am Feeling The Silence, because I hear no sound

©Oct 24, 2022 Bud Lemire

Author Note:

When you lose your hearing after having it for a long time,
it can be very hard to find yourself in a world of silence.
All the things you heard, go silent, and you are in a completely
different world. A world without sound. It's the most difficult
feeling. You have to adjust in so many ways. It's not easy.

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