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The Key To The Universe

By Bud Lemire

The Key To The Universe, is knowing every day
What is needed to fulfill you, in every way
You need to know, what makes you complete
What keeps you going, every day on your feet

Everyone's key will be different, and so are we
From different angles, is how we all see
Each of us, will have a different journey to take
Different paths to go down, different choices to make

Everything will change us, and how we see things
Each choice will evolve us, with what our life brings
As we go through life, we'll learn and we'll grow
And the Universe is what, we'll come to know

What makes you happy, is a good place to start
Knowing what touches, your soul and your heart
Pleasing your body, is a human thing to do
Pleasure of the soul, defines the true you

All through our lives, we seek to fit in
When the true meaning of us, is below the skin
Use your heart as a human, but remember your soul
You are so much more, and it will help you be whole

©Nov 12, 2022 Bud Lemire

Author Note:

To be all we can be and feel more complete, we have to
be happy with every choice we make. We have to be
happy with where we are in life, and who we are with.
We have to be happy with who we are. But remember,
you can change anything. You are in control of where
you go, where you will be, and who is in it. When you
are in the right place, and you are with the right person,
you will feel that complete feeling, that Universal harmony.
And you would have found, The Key To The Universe..

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