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Once Again Whole

By Bud Lemire

Everyone reading this, has experienced a loss
Over to the Other Side, they had to cross
“It was way too soon, why did they go?”
From a baby, you watched them grow

Was it their time, to go when they did?
So they could disappear, off of the grid
One thing I do know, deep in my soul
Whatever their problems were here, they are once again whole

The love you shared with them, is embedded within
They carry it with them, when they left their skin
A soul print of all, who have touched them here
When your grief fades, they'll whisper in your ear

For you see, an eternity is what it will be
The connection you share, love is the key
Even though you think, their life had hardly begun
Time will pass quickly, you'll see them when your life is done

If you have a dream, and they stand before you
With words of comfort, please know that it's true
They've come to let you know, they're still alive
They'll be there to meet you, when you arrive
Until then, you must finish your journey here on Earth
Make every moment count, for what it is worth

©Dec 28, 2022 Bud Lemire

Author Note:

Believe me when I say, I've experienced many things. I know
without any doubts that we live on in spirit, and so many
times our loved ones come to us to let us know they are still
with us, only in spirit form now. They will give us signs.
Many times we don't always see them, or feel them, or know
them. Yet, they are there, if we watch and are aware, they are
there. The love you share with them, never ends. It sometimes
becomes even stronger. Believe!

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