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Willingly Granted

By Mary E. Adair

This was Brian Anders
Once a man, kind, brave,
Quiet-spoken, compassionate,
And many lives he did save.

You pause by his coffin,
Bow your head and pray,
Then cast your mind ahead,
And reverently walk away.

As many others are able to do
Because this man's actions paved
The pathway for each of you by
Granting his life that ours be saved.

We can't name the battles,
The places they were fought,
Yet without his assistance,
Our world would be naught.

Nothing to come home to,
Nothing we'd have to eat,
Nothing to drive around in,
Nothing to wear on body or feet.

He wasn't alone in victory won,
On the day that changed for all
Their future to evolve as desired,
Theirs and your right to stand tall.

Though you didn't know the buddies
With him to secure the weapon site,
They all made it possible
For you to have peace at night.

Brian wouldn't want your tears,
You need to know, for sure,
His life was given in duty,
So you'd have a nice future.

No, Brian wouldn't want your grief
Or sadness to diminish your day,
Just make the time you were granted
Filled with helping others some way.

1/11/2023 Mary E. Adair

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