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In Sickness And In Health

By Bud Lemire

When two people marry, it's for a love that they share
To honor, to value, and forever to care
Yet life throws a curve ball, and one will get sick
Too much pressure to handle, and one will leave quick

I've been hearing a lot, about someone leaving
While the one that is sick, stays and is grieving
She never asked to be sick, her companion was gone
She battles this illness alone, from dusk until dawn

In sickness and in health, is what was said
On the day they came together, when they were wed
He thought it would be too hard, couldn't handle it all
It's even tougher when alone, he sure had his gall

A real man or woman, will stick by their spouse
Through the worst of times, and not be a mouse
For if it was truly love, you got it all wrong
A weak spouse who left, isn't considered strong

I for one would stand by, the one that I love
Because it's the right thing, it's all I think of
For she gave me her all, and I'll stand by her side
And help her through it, because she was my bride

Until death do we part, I'll always be there
And help her through, all the suffering she'll bear
When it's someone you love, it's the right right thing to do
Together, forever, helping each other through

©Dec 29, 2022 Bud Lemire

Author Note:

When you love someone, you stand by each other's side.
You help each other through the best of times and the
worst of times. You don't leave them. What kind of person
are you? Love empowers you to always do the right
thing. If not, it was never love at all.

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