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A Virus For Everyone

By Bud Lemire

There's a virus for everyone, it makes you sick
So many to choose from, take your pick
If you don't get one, you get another
If you get any, keep away from your brother

Don't want to spread it, stay inside awhile
Rest and drink fluids, then you can smile
Spreading it around, makes everyone mad
Then they'll get, the same thing you had

Use your mind, do what is best
Drink those fluids, and get your rest
Follow the rules of common sense, when sick
And you'll feel better soon, it'll do the trick

Keep away from your sister, she doesn't want it too
Take care of yourself, it's all up to you
Get the vaccines, that'll keep them away
So you can be healthier, every day

As you get older, your immune system isn't found
Every virus out there, knocks you into the ground
Be careful, be safe, and please take care
There's a virus for everyone, please be aware

©Mar 11, 2023 Bud Lemire

Author Note:

There are so many viruses out there these days.
If you are older, there are more to be aware of.
Use common sense. Stay in, drink fluids, get rest.
Take the medicine prescribed, and you'll get better
soon. Don't go out spreading it. It makes people
mad, and doesn't do anything for you either. You
are using energy needed for you to get better.
Save the energy for healing your body and feeling
better. Then you can go enjoy your time, and you
can smile.

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